Dazzler's S3 Main Jungler in Season 4

Hello guys and welcome to my first blogarticle. I am ReGaEU Dazzler and I am the Main Jungler of RealisticGamersEU. Today I will talk about my Season 3 main jungler and in which position they are in Preaseason/Season 4.

In Season 3 I used to main J4, Hecarim, Zac, Sejuani and Nautilus. I always picked J4 when  he wasn't banned or picked already - otherwise I mostly used Hecarim. So let's start with my #1 Main in Season 3.

  • Jarvan IV. In Season 3 J4 was the best jungler in the game. Most of the time banned or picked and nearly all pro's mained him. In the Pre-Season 4 no one picked him anymore and I don't know why. Maybe it's because of the jungle changes. Jarvan IV always was more a ganker than a farmer - and because of the Jungleitem-Changes other jungler could benefit more from it. His ulti can be very good, but can also fuck up games and fights. If you have a team where everyone can jump into the cataclysm or has range J4 is op, but otherwise he is very hard to play. By the way, I also stopped playing him for a while - but then I played him once and I still think he is a very good pick.
  • Hecarim: As I already mentioned - my 2nd used jungler was Hecarim. I know, no one used to play often in LCS or Championship, but in my opinion Hecarim is kind of funny and strong jungler. He has a high damage output, even without many damage items, and a spamming ability - what makes him kinda nice with a sheen. As I told you before - he doesn't need many damage items so you can go tank and enemies can't do much against you. In teamfights I feel like Hecarim is a very good initiator. He has good flat movespeed and with his E you can engage (and also escape) very often kinda nice. And there it comes to his best ability - his ultimate. Hecarims ultimate is completely perfect for teamfights. It terrifies enemies, let's Hecarim jump forward and deals damage, and the best thing - it's AoE. I don't know why, but no one plays Hecarim. I really hope he will be picked more often now - and he is a very nice pick!
  • Zac: The green monster is my 3rd most used champion. In the beginning-middle Season 3 everyone played him but then he became out of trend. Because Riot nerfed him. Yeah - Nerfs often move people to stop play champions - even when they are still viable. For example Draven, he is still op without his old passive. Let's come back to Zac. Right now he is used again - and I am very happy about that, because he is like the best (AP-)Tank in Jungle. Zac is viable guys - pick him and play him - until Riot nerfs him again :P. To be honest - Zac has good initiate, good healing and good CC and damage - and together with that - he is tanky as shit and has a very op passive. Zac is one of the 5 most picked junglers right now and I hope they won't nerf him again.
  • Sejuani: I also played Sejuani very often. Sejuani got reworked in middle Season 3 and after this many guys picked Seju, but 2 months later no one would ever think about playing her. I still like her. She hasn't changed at all, she is still viable, but no one picks her - that might be because other junglers have better sustain and have damage and tankyness - both. Don't take me wrong - Seju has good Early - mid Damage, but in late she only needs to tank, initiate and CC. A second reason why no one picks Seju might be the same reason because of J4. Seju is a ganker - and not a farmer and she can't benefit from the JungleItems like other Junglers. 
  • Nautilus: Nautilus has - together with Sejuani and Zac - the most CC in game, but he is at the top. I didn't play Nautilus very often, but still mained him. Nautilus is never picked - and here I am seriously not sure why. He is tanky, has most CC and he has damage - also a kind of ok damage in lategame. He benefits from jungleitems because he isn't a slow jungler - how many guys say - he is kind of fast with attackspeed marks. It could be that he really needs a decent team to win games, but in his case I am really not sure, why he isn't used very often.

These 5 guys were my mains in jungle in Season 3 and i gave you an overview about them. I hope it was fun for you to read my article and I hope you rate it and give me tips how to make ite better. My next article will be about my Season 4 mains and how I feel about them.

See you in 2014 again,

ReGaEU Dazzler!

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